It Popped And Smoked…

28 Jul

Normally, I sleep right through thunder and rain storms but last night, Mick and I shot straight out of bed with one huge crack of lightning in the middle of the night.  This crack was followed by a sparks and bright light which really freaked me out. 

Finally got back to sleep and woke to some things not working in our house.  These appliances, etc. were working just fine the day before. 

The stove/oven — The light in the oven would light up and the stove top worked but the digital/clock readout  and the oven control unit wouldn’t work so, no frozen pizza or chocolate chip cookies for me. 

Microwave — The microwave is totally dead.  This makes things very difficult for me.  I love my microwave because I use it, a lot! 

Garage Door Opener — There’s some clicking going on but Mick couldn’t get it to work.  I’ll have to manually open and shut that sucker just like we did when I was a little squirt.

TV/VCR/DVD/Stereo Receiver — The boys and I couldn’t get it turn on.  Mick came home and pressed the power button and the unit popped and smoked.  Scared the crapola out of me.  Unplugged that sucker from the wall and put in the garage. 

Workout room TV — It works but everything’s purple and pink.  Those colors are all right but not on a TV.  This unit had a VCR built into it so I’m not too sad about it.  However, I always used this TV when I used the treadmill.

Satellite dish receivers — We have 3 and 2 were screwed up?!  Satellite company sent a fellow over within 3 hours of my call and he upgraded one receiver to a DVR (I don’t have to share my DVR with the kids anymore = very nice).  No big whoop on the receivers cause they’re better than before.

Xbox 360 — Ha, ha.  I hate this sucker.  I wouldn’t normally report this sucker to the insurance company  (bury it in a hole) but Momma wants a better stove/oven so I could use the money from this for a better stove/oven.  Just joking… Kind of.

Boom box in workout room — I think it was $15 so I won’t report this.  Mick likes to play really loud speed metal on this sucker when he works out so I won’t miss it. 

I am grateful  that we didn’t get hit worse because we could have lost our whole house.  We were bum rushed w/5 inches of rain in a short period of time.  Cars were floating off the highway in spots. Mick got a picture this morning… 

With all that was going on today, I finally started a run later in the day.  I wasn’t feeling it and it was uncomfortable outside so I just ran my block which is 3.5 miles.  I ran it quicker than I normally do at 7:55 an average mile.  The temperature was 82 degrees with 70% humidity (felt like 87 degrees and it was really uncomfortable and hard to breathe).

I made Brucee take pictures of me before my run.  He commented that he felt some were inappropriate, “Umm, that’s inappropriate…”.  He is a very funny kid.


Mick plays double-header softball games on Thursday nights so it’s a big deal on my social calendar.  The games were cancelled due to all the rain.  SHITAKI MUSHROOMS!!

2 RANDOM KITTY PICTURES… Here’s Frank chattering to a dove.  I think he thinks he’s a bird whisperer and the bird will come to him if he chatters.  “Chit, chat, chit, chitty, chit, chit…”

Okay, last random animal picture.  This is our 4th kitty, Haden.  She’s a tortie.  We give her prozac because she always seems freaked out.  I think I need Prozac just to giver her Prozac because it’s no fun.

Tomorrow’s Friday.  My time off is coming to an end, quickly…


One Response to “It Popped And Smoked…”

  1. Holly @ RUST BELT RUNNER July 29, 2011 at 10:09 am #

    Whoa! Scary. That sucks about your appliances. LOL on the XBox. My Hubz has one too. Wouldn’t really mind if it got fried….

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