Not My Daughter, You Bitch!

27 Jul

Up and dressed for a fun run.  Yelled out to the world, “Should I wear a shirt today?” and all I got back was a couple of loud “NO!”‘s which I think were my boys.  So to get even with those bossy suckers, I wore one of most scandalous shirts…

Started my fashion show, I mean, run at 9:19am.  I ran 7.83 miles w/an average 8:30 minute mile.  It was 66 degrees and full sun (83% humidity).   I’ve heard 65 degrees is like the most ideal temperature but I disagree.  I must run hotter because ideal to me would be like 55 degrees (especially if I have to wear a stupid shirt). 

The boys and I went to see the last Harry Potter movie.  It was AWWE SOME!  The boys liked it but they’re not worthy because they didn’t read the books.  “Not my daughter, you bitch!”, was one of my favorite lines from the movie. 

Roo acts like he doesn’t want to be in pic’s but look at who’s creepin’ behind me in this next one…

Dinner was good and no, I didn’t take pictures.  We used real plates so I should have. 

I used my favorite, monthly publication, Simple & Delicious.  We made fettucine w/Cilantro Pesto and Greek Grilled Chicken Pitas.  We had a canary yellow melon and corn-on-the-cob. 

Tortured our animals (not really).  Actually, we just dressed them up.  Here’s Sophee…

And Peyton the Satan kitty…

And Thomas…

This is Frank.  He’s my favoritist cat.  But Frank’s heart belongs to Mick.  Mick is annoyed by Frank so it’s pretty comical to see them together.  At night, Frank likes to jump on and off my dresser on to Mick’s back or chest.  Mick will cuss and Frank will run.  We will sometimes shut the door at night but Frank throws himself at the door all night and meows annoying for hours.  It’s killer.


Mick was running errands and I NEEDED a peanut butter malt.  He said he was too busy.  Low and behold, he showed up with one for me anyways.  He’s the best husband.


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