“Peoplefood” Bin For The Fam?

25 Jul

Rise and Shine at 6:40 and off to work at 7:30am. 40% chance of rain but that was no excuse not to run this morning. I was just looking for a way out.

Wore some old cropped black pants, a favorite Billabong shirt and some Steve Madden mary jane’s to work today. Uneventful…that’s how I like my workdays. I’m off for the rest of the week. No big plans but I have to use my time off somehow.

Got a windshield chip filled and picked my Pampered Chef order….a platter, two medium bowls (for serving sides), 2 cup measuring (a dream for measuring peanut butter) and a free collapsible bowl/lid.  All of this was $77.  Was it worth it? 

Came home with intentions of running. Walked through the door and saw some warm gourmet pizza (frozen Digiorno) sitting on the stovetop. Damn. Sabotage. Of course I ate it. This, of course, pushed my run 2 hours so that my stomach could settle.

84 degrees and full sun. Glad I waited, right? Not. Started my run at 3:22pm. I ran 10.54 miles with an average at 8:40 a mile. I was so hot. I stopped twice for water. Area under my boo-bays was still unhappily chaffed from Friday’s run so I took extra precautions this time by wearing a padded bandaid over that area. When I got home and after the profuse sweating stopped, I rubbed cornstarch on it (not just for cooking). I tell you, if this doesn’t get better soon, I’ll be wearing a maxi pad tucked up under my exercise bra…

Both boys had something going on tonight so Mick took Roo to his soccer game while I took Brucee to his soccer practice.

Can’t believe Brucee’s soccer practices are already starting up again. Usually we have the summers off but this new team doesn’t mess around so finishing my deck cleaning had to wait. I was enjoying my Xtra large SF Red Bull, Mann’s Stringless Sugar Peas, and a 2nd bottle of water when I realized I needed to pee, like super bad (way too many liquids). I so wish that they’d come out with a  phone app that showed you all the public restrooms near you. Arghh…

Here’s my office and/or special place while Brucee was running his little hiney off…

RANDOM OBSERVATION…Gas is $3.38 a gallon.

I was not prepared for dinner. All I could think of was my running. I’m so selfish, I know. I wish I had a bin for “people food” like I have dogfood for my dog or catfood for the kitties. Just one scoop per person, twice a day. Oh…it’d never work. They’re so picky. They’d just bitch and moan, I just know it.


We had fastfood…Wendy’s…bleck!

Early to bed because I need to run about 7am tomorrow. I’m planning on taking the kiddies river tubing. It’ll be two hours of floating down a river. Sounds lovely to me.


One Response to ““Peoplefood” Bin For The Fam?”

  1. Holly @ RUST BELT RUNNER July 26, 2011 at 1:32 pm #

    Sounds like you need to purchase some BodyGlide!

    I use it in the same spot — bra area. And some other areas I prefer not to mention!

    But anyways its like $7 and I swear by it on any run more than 4 miles. That’s when the chafing seems to kick in for me.

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