My Achin’ Back…

24 Jul

Woke up exhausted again.  Good thing it was a Sunday but bad thing if I planned on running…which I did.  Skipped my run today and focused ALL of my attention on my dirty deck. 

I hate borrowing stuff (even from my husband).  I want to own it and I want it in my garage or my little barn.  I’ve always wanted to buy my own pressure washer but Mick always says “NO” when I bring it up.  He’d claim to have one at the Farm (tree farm, that is) so I didn’t need to spend more $ on another.  After nagging for weeks, he brought home the Jerkoff, or soon to be known as the Jerkoff pressure washer to me.


I couldn’t start it but I can’t start anything gas powered with a “pulley thingee”.   I didn’t want my husband’s help.  I wanted to do it all by myself…


But I suck!  So…. pissed off….I had to cave and ask Mick to come help me.   Mick said I let the Jerkoff kick my ass (and he’s right).  He started that sucker (no problem) and I totally lost myself.  I went into power washer mode.  I did eat lunch but I started at 11:15am and didn’t stop til 7:15pm.


The only breaks I took were each time the Jerkoff ran out of gas.  I’d eat a tortilla wrap or I would have huge glasses of water each time.   I looked crazy.  I wore my pajamas and I was covered in dirt and smut from the deck.  Friends came to pick up their son and I think they were sickened by my appearance. 

I didn’t finish the deck but I got more than halfway.   I have Tuesday through Friday off so I’m hoping to finish up sometime this week.

My deck was filthy…


I feel deformed and I don’t think I can stand up Igor.

I did one other thing today…I fed the birds.  I was almost tempted to try one of the birdie pellets because they smelled like peanut butter.   These birdie candies will probably attrack woodpeckers to my wood sided house.  Probably not the brightest move.   Maybe I should go out and eat it.


Question — Do you feed your birds regularly or are you like me and do it when you think of it?


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