Who Wears Short Shorts? He Does…

23 Jul

On my way home from work, I couldn’t believe all of the junky people hanging out near the street/road.  This is my lovely,  small town… what can I say?  I so wish that I had the guts to pull over and take a picture.  Picture this.  Two guys hanging pow wowing in the driveway of one their homes.  One standing there in a wifebeater tank.  The second, wearing shorts and workboots, sitting on an old Kawasaki motorcycle.  The guy in the shorts had absolutely no right to be wearing the shorts.  The picture I could have taken would have been awesome.  Awesome enough to make it on Ellen Degeneres or Tosh.O.   At the very least, a blue ribbon at the County Fair…Maybe I could do a reanactment at my home.  Probably not cause I have no idea where he could have found those nasty white, short shorts…

Today, for work, I wore Seven jeans, a Metropark shirt and Steve Madden shoes.


No, I do not think “I’m all that”.  I’m totally being stupid in the 2nd pose. 

For lunch, I had a honey wheat tortilla covered w/this  deeelish, overpriced Dietz and Watson deli Santa Fe turkey breast (spicy), hummus, red onion, and bread & butter pickles. 

RANDOM PICTURE…Here’s Thomas, one of my kitties, tangled in the tripod.  He’s been obsessed with it…

Started a run at 4:06pm.  I wanted to reach a new record and I did it.  I ran 13.33 miles which is the most I’ve ever run (8:37 average mile).  I had to stop for 3 drinks of water and one potty break.  In the end, the temperature wasn’t so bad at 76 degrees.  My right knee was pretty sore so I iced it w/a bag of frozen corn.



We went to a local Mexican place for dinner.  I don’t like this place but it was close and that was the only way my husband would go with us is if we went somewhere close since he had a date with a poker game.

Came home after dinner, thinking the data from my run would have uploaded to my computer but it hadn’t.  It’s acting strange and I’m thinking it may need to go back to Garmin to be fixed or replaced.  Bummed about that.

Does anyone else have trouble getting their Garmin to upload to their computer?


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