Running With Wings…

22 Jul

Yes!  I got out of bed at 5am and was able to start my 7.56 mile run at 5:25am.  Thank goodness too because, right now, it’s 95 degrees (but feels like 110 degrees according to  I ran slower than usual at 8:52 average per mile.  I know, I really need to tidy up.


Probably was considered cheating because I had wings.


I hate this shirt.  Mick and I were in the Affliction/Sinful phase about a year ago so we each own a bunch of them.  I think I paid like 40 to 50 bucks for this stupid tank top.  I NEVER wear it and probably have only worn it twice since I bought it.  It was 79 when I ran so I wanted to wear a tank top since I wasn’t comfortable wearing just my exercise bra at 5:30am in the morning (when it’s still dark and creepy).

WORK!!  It was happening so I went…


I’m wearing my Sperry’s, American Eagle jeans and an Urban Outfitter’s shirt (lacy).   I was very comfortable today.

Roo,  my middle son (15 1/2 yrs old), went off to soccer camp early this morning.  We’re hoping he takes care of himself by keeping hydrated.  He’ll only be gone until Saturday evening soo I’ll miss the little trouble maker. While I was at work, Brucee texted me that he was hungry and bored.  Because I’m weak for my kids and for food I took him to lunch at a cute little local Grille.  After we ate, we went next store to a cute little store and I bought some maple candies.  THAT WAS TROUBLE because I ate them all myself…


Since he’s soo sweet and soo lonely, I gave him the Xbox back.  Probably a mistake.


The smart thing would have been to let him have a friend over but this was easier. 

Mick is a landscaper and he is a super hard worker.  He let his guys go home about 12:30pm because it was just too hot but that didn’t mean that he was able to come home.  He said he fixed some equipment and do some other miscellaneous things.  I noticed  he was in our yard with a huge tank of Roundup, at one point,  spraying our beds since I’m not making much of a dent in the gardens of weeds throughout our yard.   He came in and crashed about 4:30pm..

Sissy Girl babies the satan cat that we have.  We have 4 cats and this one is the only one who insists on going outside.  He’s stressed… probably because he got in a fight with another cat (big scratch on his ear).  He’s losing a ton a fur and today he couldn’t get up to the food dish.  Sissy was sure he needed water so she held him and sprayed water in his mouth…

She gave up on him and went to a “bar class” which is exercising w/a ballet bar.  Can’t wait to see what she thinks of that.

I went to Mick’s softball games… to sweat my balls off!!


One Response to “Running With Wings…”

  1. Holly @ RUST BELT RUNNER July 22, 2011 at 1:46 pm #

    Straight up! You are one of only two people in my midwest blogroll who are actually running outside this week! (Well, at least talking about it.)

    Serious props to you!

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