I Think I’ll Take a Little Nappy Poo…

20 Jul

Today was pretty uneventful which is fine with me.  I’m wearing my sleeveless pantsuit from Bar III to work today.  I just threw a blue sweater over it and called it workwear.  Yep, yep.


After getting home from work, decided I needed a little nappy poo.   I never felt rested so I decided today was a good day to take off from exercise. 

STRANGE/DISGUSTING INCENTIVE TO GET KIDS MOVING — I know I’m going to get crap for this but I’m always looking to get my boys out of the house and moving.  Usually, I cave and offer them money for some lame chore that they should be doing for free but today, I noticed eight hawks circling an area in the field behind us.  This is where it gets sick and I apologize again.  I gave them my camera and told them to go find the deadness that the hawks were so interested in ($10 for a good picture of it).  Don’t worry, w/the heat index, it felt like 97 degrees (at least) and they didn’t last long.  They came home pictureless.  I wasn’t out any $ and they got a little walk in.      

My daughter made (with me as her sous chef) Creamy Avocado Shells (a shell pasta w/an avocado sauce) for dinner.  No cream or butter was used and it was pretty good.  We threw some tiny shrimps and scallops in it.  We ate it w/a spinach salad and some bread w/olive oil and spices on it (baked in the oven).

After dinner, I felt what I thought was a spike in energy and I was going to ride my bike for exercise (for ice cream) but it was a false alarm. 

Early to bed.

So, does anyone else offer $ to their kids to go take pictures of dead things?   


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