Lost a Tooth…

19 Jul

Same story, different day.  I couldn’t wake up and get myself to run at 5am.

Came home from work to two wonderful things.  One, my white Iphone 4 was here.  Sweeet!  If you have a phone that doesn’t have internet, DO NOT get one.  They are super addictive.  Once you get an internet phone/smart phone, you cannot convert back — it’s impossible.

Two, Brucee, my 13 1/2 year pulled out his first tooth.  Amazing huh?  Seriously, you don’t understand.  Every tooth that has come out of Brucee’s mouth has been pulled out by a dentist (which is not free).  Whenever there’s a little pain, Brucee stops workin’ the tooth so they remain in his mouth until we are forced to go to the dentist.  Yes, we are going to an orthodonist (he’s our only child that’s required orthodonics).   He said he pulled the tooth last night after I’d gone to bed but didn’t put it under his pillow because he wanted the “tooth fairy” (he really did the quotes w/his fingers) to know before he put his tooth under there.  Asked how much he’d get and I said, “probably a dollar” and he said he needed more for the PSP he wanted….

I procrastinated forever….. Messed around…..Tried to get myself to go out and run.  Tried to get myself to go and get on the treadmill.   It just wasn’t happening…

Finally started my run at 6:30pm and was able to run 9.23 miles.   I averaged 8:43 minute miles.  Hot, hot, hot.  I stopped for 3 water breaks and one potty break.

The husband made chicken and beef kabobs on the grill.   Going to a bonfire tonight.  Too hot but going anyways because their daughters are in town visiting from AZ.  They’re the best neighbors.


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