Horrible Bosses…

18 Jul

I was wide awake at 5am w/o my alarm even going off.  Checked the weather and it was a 60% chance of scattered thunderstorms.  In fear I’d get caught up in a storm, convinced myself to wait and use the treadmill later in the day.

Came home from work and had leftover pork ribs.  Yuckee.  They weren’t as good the second time. 

My daughter, Who Who, wanted ice cream.  I wanted to run even though it was 90,000 degrees.  Even though there was a heat advisory, we compromised.  She’d ride her bike while I ran.  This was good because if I fainted, she could call the insurance company for her father to make sure our coverage was current.


While she pedaled as slowly as she could (in hopes of not falling over), I ran 7.1 miles with a slower pace of about 8:45 but I didn’t care.  I was sweating gallons of sweat.  I stopped twice for water. 

While my little babes got ice cream (peanut butter malt), I paced around for about 5 minutes (littles poops was talking to some of her friends — errr) which really made it hard to get started again.  Lucky for me that while I was pacing, there were about 20 kids (summer daycare field trip?) in the ice cream place staring at me in my exercise bra (so awkward).  A nice lady stopped and said, “it’s too hot to run”.  Sma!

 Made it home safely (probably to my hubby’s disappointment). 

For dinner, made chicken lettuce wraps w/edamame for dinner.  Good stuff. 

Went to the movie, Horrible Bosses because I’ve wanted to see it since it came out.   I loved it!!   But don’t go by my opinion because my little sister says I like everything I see (which is true).   I totally didn’t shower and I’m sporting runner’s hair (worse than bedhead).

So accident prone lately.  I had my new camera (haven’t really used it since I got it for Xmas cause I’m scerred of it) and came running down the stairs to upload some photos to the computer and  the camera fell out of the case and rolled down like 6 (carpeted) stairs.  Oh no!!!!  Camera’s fine.   My sweet daughter, who was doing P90X at the time, says, “you moron”.  She’s right though.  What the heck is wrong w/me? 

I need to be more careful.  If I drop my phone in the toilet again in the next 12 mos the insurance people will drop their coverage so I’ve really got to pay attention. 

Yes, my new phone will be here tomorrow.  So full of joy at the thought of it. 

 Trimmed my nosehairs and went to bed.

Does everybody trim their nosehairs?

Have you dropped your phone in the toilet before?


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