Happy Birthday to Myself, I Mean, My Husband…

17 Jul

Ran 8 miles starting at 7:25am this morning.  It was warm but not too warm.  I know now that I probably have it a little luckier because the peeps in Florida and Texas are dealing w/temps in the 100’s….Wow!!   My average pace was 8:19 a mile.  I’m okay with that speed.  No pain in the knee is all I care about.  I did get bit by two horseflies though (so hate them).

I love to wear these gold soccer shorts when I run cause they stick to my legs when I run.  Nice.

Came home, showered and ran off to the local dive restaurant to meet up for Sunday morning breakfast.  I was very careful and quiet not to wake the little poopers cause it was all about me (and Mick).

My family loves it when I say, “take a picture of me” (Roo asks for $ or for the Xbox to be returned).  Here Mick got to do it out the window of his truck.  We were late to breakfast and my blogging was not helping us get to the restaurant any quicker.  Sma!  

My little cousin was visiting from her college in MASS.  We didn’t have time to visit much because there were several of us this morning (and most importantly, because I talk over everybody else…I really need to stop this habit).  Here’s a pic of me w/my Grandma and Luna…

Today is my husband’s birthday.  I wasn’t supposed to buy him anything since we bought him a jacket, shoes and shirt last week.  I had to wrap something up though so I got him some casual jeans and some SKLZ Chrome Bands (40’s and 50’s).

For his birthday, I bought myself a shoe rack that holds 30 pairs of shoes.  I thought this baby would clean up my tiny, conservative walk in closet but it didn’t make much of a dent and I don’t want to get rid of any of my shoes right now…

My skiddies were glued to the TV watching the US Soccer game. 

So sad that US lost but to try and put a positive spin on it, it was good for Japan.  They needed a boost for all they’ve suffered from that tsunami.   

For dinner we had marinated country pork ribs along with onions and peppers on the grill.  Usually I make Mick man the grill but I “man’d up” since it was his special day.   Probably a mistake though since I suck at the grill.  We had sweet potato fries, white eggplant, and corn on the cob. 

Tried to talk my better half into seeing Horrible Bosses for his bday but he wasn’t interested.  He has like ADD and has a very difficult time sitting there,  regardless of how funny and entertaining the movie is.  So, our going to a movie would have been more of a gift to me and not him.  Shoot, I wouldn’t have minded if he had gotten up to walk around while I laughed and stuffed my face w/popcorn and pop.  Geez..


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