Stanky Leg…

16 Jul

Woke up and ran 10 miles at 8:30am this morning.  I did this with an 8:18 minute average mile (pretty good for me).  My knee felt good afterwards too.  Ended my run with the temp at 73 degrees (nice and sunny).   Wasn’t sure if I’d pull it off last night.   I drank more than I wanted (vodka and tonic and amaretto sours) and danced in high heel wedges til 11 the night before.


Last night, Mick and I went to a neighbors’/friends’ daughter’s wedding reception.  I thought we looked nice. 


Mick always tries to be busy (like a drink in ea hand) when everybody else is dancing.  He had lots of excuses not to go out and shake his stanky leg.  Later, after giving him a hard time about not going out and dancing, he got short with me.  He said I make fun of him when he tries to dance.  This is comical to me because the whole reason the youngins were trying to get me out on the floor was so they could point and say, “look at Shelly” (the old lady dancing w/her arms in the air) and make fun of me.  See, I have my own style of dance.  I just let that music flow through me.  In turn, my hands do like a medusa thing.  And, I don’t mind making people laugh (as long as my top didn’t come down and expose me).

Mick said he doesn’t like it that I make fun of him (and he doesn’t care what others say).  But to me, if he can’t go out there and be a great dancer, then I want him to go out there and be a terrible dancer and embrace it.   Everybody loves a “fun guy”.  That, to me, is hot!!  But it’s a war I’ll never win…

Ran to the Mall to #1  get rid of the boys by dropping them off at the movies and #2 to shop for Mick’s birthday which is TOMORROW.  I always have grand ideas on how to make it special for him and I just don’t make it happen.  I’m a crappy wife.

Turkey burger and roasted spaghetti squash at Ruby Tuesday’s.  Sorry for the crap pictures.  I miss my cheap Kodak camera.  This camera is a nicer Nikon but I don’t know how to use it yet…

Watched Storage Wars w/Mick and went to bed…  Not much to say today.


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