Can Today Get Any Worse?

15 Jul

Can today get any worse?

Probably….  Glad I ran this morning before work because the way my luck is going today, I probably would have gotten hit by a car on my run if I choose to do it this afternoon.  My camera fell to the ground while I was trying to do the self-timer this morning.  Then, I dropped my phone in the toilet at work (before I peed, thank goodness).  It was almost a “Hat Trick” because I put a dish in the microwave w/a spoon in it (nothing happened… phew!).

I got up at 5 and started my run at 5:30.  I ran 8.6 miles.  My Garmin got screwed up because I paused it when getting a drink.  No big deal and that shouldn’t have caused a problem, right,  but I paused it right on mile 5.  It didn’t register that the lap was completed so it flashed “lap error” for the rest of my run.  I had to get the calculator to figure out my average pace (geez..).   To the best of my calculations, my average pace was 8:36.


I went to work to what I expected to be a great day.  I got a great run in.  Mick and I are going to a friend’s wedding tonight so I was looking forward to that.  It’s Friday so there’s no explanation as to why I was happy about that, right?

Wearing two of my favorite bracelets.  The brown cord w/gold and sparkly accents (couldn’t capture them all w/my camera)  is by Brighton.  The gold leather wrap is from J Crew (wear this one a ton). 


At about 10:25am, I decided I’d run and visit my momma (who works w/me).  I took a pit stop first.  Well, the phone popped right out of my back pocket.  Without even waiting a beat, I reached in and grabbed that sucker (my phone).  Dried it w/toilet paper and proceeded to blow as hard as I could in every crevice.  Toilet water was splashing all over my face and glasses.  I could have given a rat’s ass at that point.  I was performing CPR and my new Iphone.

I instantly googled how to prevent my phone for turning to crippin’ crud.  Google had articles talking about putting your phone in rice.  I asked my boss to let me leave early as I had an emergency (unable to let me go).  My mom, “Let’s Make a Deal” Lucille, just happened to have a bag of rice at her desk.  This woman is amazing.   Still, I’m feeling very negative about phone regardless of all that I’ve done since the dunk.

I looked it up.  New Iphone 4’s are $650.  Used one’s on Ebay are $300.  Mick is going to be livid.  NO, I didn’t get insurance because you’ll never use it.  Arghh!

I’m not going to buy a phone right now, today.  I’m forcing myself to wait till tomorrow afternoon….and then I’ll make arrangements for a replacement.  For now, I’m incognito…..

The rest of the day is blah, blah, blah….


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