Nice And Easy…

14 Jul

I thought I could work out later in the day but when it came to do so, I was just drained.  No run for me today.  “It’s okay”, I have to keep telling myself.   I know that days off needed to be taken but I wanted to take tomorrow off since I’m going to a wedding tomorrow.  Now I’m going to have to get up at 5am (which is a joke) or I’ll have to get my run done in the afternoon.  O, Balderdash!

Taking pictures of my outfits everyday makes me want to shop because I feel like I need new stuff to take a proper picture.  Here’s what I wore to work today.  I got these suspender pants in Chicago at Zara (cheap but cute stuff).  My shoes (which I think are a repeat) are from Cancun (paid like 10 or 20 bucks for them  — slingbacks w/a antiquey floral crackle effect).


I’m fortunate enough to work at the same place as my mother.  She’s a funny one.  She gets the weekly magazine Woman’s Day and my sisters and I always tease her about the fact that she tries everything WD recommends even if it contradicts the week before.  She also likes gadgets.  Here’s her latest.  I went to visit her at her desk and she had her shoes off (not okay unless she worked at a farmer’s market) and she was pedaling at her desk…

She’s a good sport for letting us tease her.  I love her dearly….

Came home and took my sons to lunch (so I could hear them bicker).  I had a tuna wrap w/cottage cheese and watermelon on the side.  Pretty healthy, right?  Except,  I helped my son w/his greasy, cheesy, Cajun pasta (and it didn’t even taste good).  I’m such a garbage disposal for my kids.  I wish I could just throw stuff away…it would be okay. 

We paid $300 last fall for my 15 year to learn to drive.  Most kids want to get their hours in so they can get their driver’s license when they turn 16.  Well, he could care less.  I think he wants me to chauffeur him for the rest of his life.  In fear that his brother (who is 2 years younger) will drive before him will sometimes encourage him to practice driving.  He drove today and it was extremely stressful (for me, not him).   A few months ago, he drove us into a cornfield because he dazed off (no big whoop because he’s practicing (his thoughts, not mine)).  He still needs like 40 hours before he can take the session two so the people in our town are safe for now.

Since Roo got his first real paycheck from his Daddy-O, he cashed that baby and bought a new toy.  What do you do if your mom takes your Xbox away… you buy a Wii, of course.  Here they are glued to the TV w/the new Wii.  It’s only a matter of time before someone gets a smart mouth and loses it.  I AM THE BOSS, HEAR ME ROARRRRR!

Made a BLT pasta salad for dinner and then ran off to a Pampered Chef party before I was able to eat it.  That’s okay because I had vodka and tonic and some other good food a the party.  Went to Mick’s softball double-headers afterwards.  Now, off to bed in hopes of waking up at 5am tomorrow.  Please, please, please let me wake up at 5am….


One Response to “Nice And Easy…”

  1. Holly @ RUST BELT RUNNER July 15, 2011 at 1:52 pm #

    I worked at the same place as my mom during high school. It definitely brought an interesting perspective to the workplace and we often took breaks together.

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