Yayyy, Bessie’s Home…

13 Jul

Slept in today.  Nice…..

Once I was up, went outside w/the dogs and just sat there enjoying the nice temp and slight breeze.  Brucee joined me.  And Sophee gave him love…

He’s an awesome kid.  We pretended we were sitting on a dock overlooking Lake Michigan.  Too bad all we saw was dead, dry grass and a driveway.

My quad’s were killing me?!  Screw it.  Slathered on the sunscreen (no more runner’s tan…).  Thought I’d run 5 or 6 miles.  I ran 8.1 (8:33 average mile pace).  I was very happy about this.

I know he was only trying to be nice, but this man in a white truck always offers to give me a ride home….ha, ha, ha (stupidhead).  He then proceeded to have a convo w/me for about 3 minutes while driving alongside me.  Mick said I just need to keep my earphones in and point at them saying, “sorry, can’t hear you” but I can’t think that quick.  Within a mile of my home, a 2nd man and wife pulled up alongside w/their travel trailer and offered to give me a ride.  These people think they’re hilarious.  Dope, dope, get outta my way.

Roo was doing soccer in the living room.  I hate this but he does it anyways.


Here’s Peyton, the cat.  We should have named him Satan since it more fits his personality.  You can only pet him on his conditions.  Our other 3 cats do not go outside.  We tried to keep Peyton inside too (since he could be killed or he could catch the cootie) but it’s impossible — he’s like a frickin’ ninja.  He waits for the door to open and dives out.  Or he’ll cry forever about wanting out.  He might be inbred.  I love him even though he probably doesn’t even like me…

Mick showed up w/a big trailer behind his truck.  Could it be?  It could be.  My good friend, Bessie, was home from rehab (not sex addiction even though it’s the rage).    Bella was so excited about Bessie being home, I put her on Bessie and took her picture.  Look how happy Bella is…

Because I nagged Mick for 3 weeks to bring  Bessie home, I thought I’d better mow the lawn.  I was still disgusting from my run so I mowed that dry, weedy lawn like a good wifee should.

Weeded and mowed forever until  Roo came out and told me I had less than an hour to be at work.  Zikes!!  I got cleaned up and put on some of my comfy clothes.  No makeup, wet hair (but clean) and no jewelry….

Found a corn bracelet in my purse so I put that on like I planned it all along…

I had a Smartones at work (but it was technically my lunch since I had a late start today) but I really wanted a Big Mac so I grabbed some McDonald’s on the way home.  I got my boys chocolate milkshakes so I acted like I was stopping for them and not me. 

 Finished off True Blood and went off to dreamland.  Today was a pretty productive day.  Nice.


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