Weeds, Weeds, Weeds….

5 Jul

NO work all week.  I originally took off this week because we had a cottage rented on Lake MI.  Well, we’d rather go on a cruise later in the year so I had to let the cottage go.  Money’s tight so we couldn’t afford to do two big vacations. 

Since I didn’t have work, I set my alarm for 6:40am.  I was nervous because my stomach was giving me strange signals so I didn’t know what I’d be able to accomplish running outside.   Started running at 7:20 and completed 6.1 miles.  This wasn’t a solid run.  I did have to stop at the grocery store (you know, to look at…..it doesn’t matter).   My average pace was an 8:33 minute mile.  The temp was 59 degrees (nice).   Listened to the Gerry Rafferty station on Pandora again but not as great as yesterday…

Came back to transfer my running data from my Garmin to my laptop and noticed that I actually created  a recovery station for my royal self…

-towel to catch the massive amounts of sweat falling off me

– frozen corn for my right knee

-remote control to watch the prerecorded MTV show, The Rivals

-bowl of watermelon, strawberries and blueberries

-super slow laptop and Garmin trying to connect & transfer my run data  (which takes forever sometimes)

-cell phone to catch that important call (didn’t get a call or a text)

After having some fruit and a bowl of my favorite cereal, Autumn Wheat by Kashi, I went outside to weed.  Our yard is about 5 acres and it’s all landscaped with all kinds of beds and berms.  I weeded for  two hours and barely made a dent.  Usually, Mick will go through the yard w/a big tank of Roundup and kill off a ton of weeds.   Work is good for Mick and that’s not always the case so he has no time for our yard, NO TIME.  It’s all on me.  I’m dying too because my Toro is in being repaired right now — it’s been gone for 2 weeks and I really miss that stinky gas guzzler.   I get mad at the neighbors when they don’t mow their lawn and ours is looking pretty bad right now.  Patience, patience, Mick says I need to learn patience…

After finally finishing up the Big Love, Season 4 DVDs, asked Brucee to accompany me on a little leisurely bike ride to the ice cream joint in town.  With Little Brucee, it has to be a very, very leisurely ride — he blames the clunker bike we gave him (hand me down from his sista). 

Swatting at biting flies and taking pictures as we were riding, we were on our way.  No worries, I’m a professional so I’m really good at riding and taking pictures.   Brucee kept telling me to pay attention and to ride with both hands but he hasn’t been riding his bike since age four like I’ve been. 

Two and 1/2 miles and an hour and half later (not really), we arrived at the Dairy Pimple for some more of my favorite black raspberry ice cream cones (just went w/my daughter on Sunday).

Now for a Momma shot…OOOh, this pic makes me want botox again…

Brucee felt gypped cause what he really wanted was a large blizzard w/a bunch of candy in it (which he’d toss 3/4 of it away if I got it for him).  More pictures.  Brucee commented on how much enjoys all the pictures I’ve been taking lately.  Hee, hee….

Oh and here’s the footwear I chose for this special trip… (Nike Rifts)…

Took a detour through the local park on our way home.


Don’t worry, Little B made sure we were only going 5-10 mph.


Used to bring the kiddees to play on the wooden playground equipment…Good stuff!

When I was about seven, here’s where I dropped my prized Ellie the stuffed bean bag elephant in the water fountain.   You can’t see the fountain but it’s there — I was devastated.


It’s funny because when I was taking the picture above, some lady in a clunker had pulled up to two boys on their bikes (mom to one of them).  She was yelling out her window at the boys.  Among all the screaming she did, she told them to get their butts home.  This IS WHAT I GET to appreciate IN my small ToWn….Classy stuff.  Bruce didn’t want to have anything to do with the ruckus so he trucked way ahead on his bike and left me behind.  He says everything is “awkward”. 

To wrap things up, Brucee, Who Ha, and I went to a pizzaria to meet up with family.  My auntie and uncle from Myrtle Beach were in town visiting.  As usual, I ate way too much.  It was so nice to visit with everyone.  I was so wrapped up in visiting, I forgot to take pictures — Dumb it!


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