We Didn’t Know It Was a Costume Party — Yes, We Did…

4 Jul

Nice accomodations….

I’m getting a little behind on documenting the happenings in my life.  Yesterday,  woke up in foreign surroundings.  I was awake and I was in a TENT.  Scary stuff.  Keep in mind, I haven’t slept in a tent since like 3rd grade.  We had posted citronella candles and burning sticks outside the tent so mosquitos were not a problem for us.  

Going back a little further to explain… Saturday, July 2nd, we traveled up North to friends’s cottage for a day on the water and a night of dancing.   They have an annual costume party and it’s a ton of fun.  Last year, the theme of the costume party was musicians.  This year it was TV characters.  

Mick and Roo throwing the ball around…

A group pic of everyone who dressed up (I’m missing….because I’m a HUGE capital “L” on the forehead)…


Mick and I..

The hosts.. Betty Rubble and Popeye…

Stuff to do at home, so Mick and I left our two boys with our friends and headed home. 

Sunday was supposed to be a day of rest but my little Who Ha (daughter) wanted to do some running and biking.  We made it really low-key by riding bikes to the high school track and then riding around town.  We ran 2 miles and biked approximately seven. 

We stopped for black raspberry ice cream cones and then ventured on to the local flea market to look in the outside sheds (pretty much all junk especially if you’re amateurs like us). 

What’s this?  Oh, nothing….

Last night we had family over for dinner (pulled pork sandwiches, oriental cabbage salad and deviled eggs).  We then went to the Farm (my husband’s business on a pond) and had a bonfire.   No mosquitos again because of the wonderful citronella candles and burning sticks. 

Here’s my little sister w/marshmellow on her face.  SMA!


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