I Ran In My Jammies….Again..

1 Jul

Hopped out of bed and charged forward for a run.  Not really.  I got up and started my run at 5:30am.  I ran 8 miles with a average pace of a 8:30 mile.

Tackled a big hill in town, Jokerson Hill…  It’s a one way only going uP….

Listened to the Mickey Avalon station on my Pandora app again.  I love Pandora.  I don’t need to buy any more music on Itunes when I have this app.  The station plays all of my favorite songs plus new ones that I didn’t know about.  Funny, cause even though I was listening to Mickey Avalon, a bunch of songs, nothing like his music, came on.  For example, the U2 song, “Hawkmoon 269” came on.  Even though it seems to be a little off, I still love this app.  To top it off, it’s free.  Free is always good.

So glad I was able to get my run over this morning because the temperature was perfect (65 degrees).  It got so hot and humid  (83 degrees).  Please take notice that, ONE, I heart my dog and, TWO, I ran in my jammies……again. 

THE J..O..B……oFF to work.  Wearing some old, outdated pants (so old they might be back in?!), I had on a little poncho with some cork wedges.  Iced my knee at my desk because I ran out of time at home.  Work went well.

Came home to a personless home.  Who Ha, my daughter was working at her 9-3  job at the pharmacy.  Roo, my middle son was working with his dad, landscaping (becoming a man, yessiree) and Brucee, my little guy, went to a waterpark and on an overnighter w/a buddy.  The animals were all here to greet me.  Ate a hot dog (actually called a “dinner frank” — huge and full of junk) and some pasta salad so unhealthy lunch (but it was good).  Proceeded to my bedroom to watch Big Love, Season 4 and crash on my bed.  Took a nap on and off for a few hours.  Overall, very unproductive. 


wHO Ha’s been running on the high school track and now has ventured out on the road.  She loves my new Garmin.   I love her and that she takes good care of herself.  I’m proud of her but definitely not taking credit for it.  She’s always been athletic.  Metabolisms are faster when you’re younger and then slow down as you get older (no secret, I know, but so annoying when you’ve personally experienced it….the good ole days of eating whatever and whenever I wanted are so long gone…) so I’m glad to see that she’ll always be good to herself.   

On an annoying note, here’s my boys, Roo and Brucee, doing what they do best…..playing with their technology.  I need to let it go as long as they eventually get off the couch and get outside..  They’re on their summer vacation and they really are good boys.  Sooo funny!

Suspicious, tiny blister appeared on the underside of my forearm.  I’ve had poison ivy about 5 times in my life.  It’s awful.  I have scars to prove it.  Nothing works for me.  I so hope this little blister is all that’s coming…. It’d make sense that I have PI because I’ve been a mad woman weeding lately.

I live in the country but not far out of town.  Sometimes, I just run my block which can be boring.  I like running in town because there’s more to see.  I notice all kinds of scents when I run.  For instance, the other day I smelled pot.  This morning, I noticed a house that had a horrible scent of cat pee.  Made me sad that people had to live in that stink.  I guess that odor could have been something else but, to me, I definitely smelled cat pee.  Next, running by a home, I smelled moth balls (and yes, I have small hands so I was able to get their legs apart).  I’d hate to have a home that smelled like moth balls too but not as bad as cat pee.  Finally, a good smell…..I ran by a home that had the strong scent of roses.  Beautiful roses…..

I’m wondering if anyone notices unusual smells/odors the their runs?!


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