Double Dumb It!!!

30 Jun

WORK.  Wore a cute little jersey dress purchased from Target a few weeks ago.  Cheap, cheap at $24.99.

 My Grandma P is pretty funny.  She says a lot of amusing things.  One thing she’d say was “Dumb it” when she truly meant “Damn it!”.   

DUMB IT MOMENT #1…Should have gotten up at 5:30am and ran but I thought I could handle the heat at 1pm.  Wrong.  Here’s a pic of me all cocky because I was ready to take on the world (or just my small town).  It was 80 degrees and I was wrong.  I ran 3.5 miles (8:14 minute average mile) and I was busted…. I even put some energy bites and a big water bottle w/ice water in it in a cooler at the end of the driveway.    Nope, I was done.

Came inside and had a bowl of Progresso soup.  Piece of chard in my teeth which will be a good snack for later…

Tried to get Bella to eat.  As usual, she was scared.  I tease that she’s anorexic because she won’t eat.  I’ve tried everything….Seriously.  After 7 years, I just accepted, it is what it is….Plus, she’d rather be in the cat tree.


Did 3 easy sets of handweights (bi’s, tri’s and delt’s again).  And decided to give running another whirl by slipping on my Fivefingers and taking it to the treadmill….

DUMB IT MOMENT #2…Jumped on the TM and ran approximately 1.5 when the screen blacked out and I almost busted a tooth by face-planting into the console.  I didn’t but, ya know, I could have.  The cord wiggled itself out of the wall.  Phewwww…. I thought it was broken.  So, continued on my run and was able to get another 3 miles (a total of 4.5 at 6.7 mph on the TM).

 The little skids were busy so I dragged Bella’s big fat butt down to the basement w/me.  There’s not a cat tree down there so she had to pick the next best place.  As usual, she was scared out of her mind…This was probably because I run a little heavy-footed and she thought the treadmill was going to explode…

Gas started at $3.27 a gallon and jumped to $3.75 by 4pm.

Running tally today was 3.5 miles (outside) and 4.5 miles (inside) for a total of 8 miles (no idea on average pace because I’m not going to calculate that).

Finishing off the night but going to Mick’s double header softball games at 8:15 and 9:15.   I’m seeing a peanut butter and banana malt to get me through…


One Response to “Double Dumb It!!!”

  1. Holly @ RUST BELT RUNNER July 1, 2011 at 5:30 pm #

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Cute blog you have. I love the photos of you in your work outfits!

    Looking forwarding to reading more 🙂

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