29 Jun

S-I-X-T-Y degrees.  Perfect temperature.  Slept in today.  Started my run at 9am.  Was able to run eight miles but it was rough.  My average mile was 8:49 a minute.  Today’s run was tolerated by listening to the Mickey Avalon station on Pandora.  My right knee isn’t loving my longer runs so I iced it with a bag of edamame. 

Trying some exercises for before and after my runs to prevent injuries.  Googled and found,  I actually think they help (especially the one for runner’s knee).  So far, so good. 

And so on and so on…

See here is a pic of my little chi chi, Bella.  Bella is my tiny 2 1/2 lb chihuahua.  She’s about seven years old.  I wanted a tiny little dog not knowing that a tiny dog usually means more health problems.  Her teeth are awful and her breath always stinks.  She has gingivitis, I’m told.  I take her yearly to have her teeth cleaned (which mens having, on average, 5 teeth pulled ea time).   I love her but she’s very boring.  She doesn’t run around on the floor like a normal dog.  She wants to be in someone’s lap or in this cat tree…

WORK.  The J O B….  Normally, I work earlier in the day but one day, every other week, I need to take my turn working the late shift so I worked 4-8pm tonight.  Wearing a favorite bracelet ($1 at the mall).


Brought to work a Smartones, a banana and a SF Red Bull.

Last minute, I was invited to go meet up with some old classmates at the town bar.  My friend was here visiting from AZ so it was really nice to see her.  I ate the Smartones for dinner but couldn’t pass up bar food.  Had my fourth meal of the day which was a grilled cheese.  My camera sucks but here’s a pic of mean and three high school buddies.


Good day and good night!


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