Hello? Hello, Are You There?……..

28 Jun

My phone voicemail greeting has always bored me.  I want mine to be fun and different.  One recording that I’ve heard was the person saying, “Hello, hello, hello”.  You instantly think it’s a live person and then once you start talking the the person continues, amused, asking you to leave them a message.  That was fun but again, not fun enough.  So, I did mine as follows:  “LEAVE ME A MESSAGE, PLEASE!!” in a devilish, creepy, scary, loud, wonder what the heck just happened voice (enough adjectives for you, yeah, uh huh). 

Movin’ on….

Cheeky bottoms…It’s what’s up..  I need a bikini w/Cheeky bottoms.  I don’t want my bum to show but I love the ruched back and I think it could do wonders for my flat butt.  I could order them through Victoria Secret’s but I want to try them on.  Plus, I hate paying shipping and handling — it’s stupid.   Where I live, you can’t find these bottoms in the stores.

I’ll crumble and order.  It’s a guarantee.  I’m liking the white macrame top ($24) and the cheetah bottoms ($16).  They do come in cheetah, yes, they do.

Off to work in my old H&M dress and nude Aldo pumps…

Gas is $3.27 a gallon.  Wow, how low can it go?!

After putting in a rough four hours, put my Supergirl cape on and flew home.  Started my run at 12:55pm and finished with 11.2 miles (no walking) and an average 8:36 mile pace.  Weather was beautiful at 72 degrees.  Also, to help pass the run, I listened to the Jessie J radio station on Pandora — good stuff!!


Once home, took my little guy to all-you-can-eat chinese buffet (yuck).  What can I say?  He really wanted to go.  He got a plate full of grossness (didn’t take a picture because I’m embarrassed I let my child eat like this).  But, I did good.  I got steamed veggies w/a side of garlic sauce…

Started to watch Big Love, Season 4.   Hoping these DVD’s don’t make me unproductive because I’ve done so well in the last couple of weeks.

Dinner.  Little sista (daughter) made most of dinner.  She took ground pork and combined it w/shredded cheddar cheese and cut of apples.   She formed burgers w/them.  We put avocado, pickles, red onion and tomato on top.  Very good.  Served them w/cottage cheese and sweet potatoe fries (cut up w/olive oil, seasoning salt and pepper).  Full stomach.  No room for ice cream.    

Food for thought~~

      If Barbie is so popular, why do you have to buy her friends?


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