Smores w/Reeses Peanut Butter Cups? Oh Yeah!

25 Jun

Slept in.  Up at 7:50am and ran 10.7 miles.  Average pace of 8:32 a mile.  Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful day.  I got a new bra from Target for $17.  It’s black tie-dye so fun, right?

Not ready to invest in a fanny pack for my runs.  Today, I used one of my boys small backpacks.  HATED IT!  It was all over the place.  I tried readjusting it over and over but I couldn’t get comfortable w/it.  I just can’t stand not having my stuff w/me when I run so I’m going to keep trying different things.   One friend told me not to refer to it as a fanny pack but instead refer to it as an “athletic pro-hydration system”.  Another friend told me to look into purchasing a “Spibelt”. 

For breakfast, I usually have oatmeal and yogurt but today I had my favorite…cereal.  I could honestly just eat cereal all day long.  I was good today and had one (big) bowl of  “Autumn Wheat” by Kashi.   Love this stuff. 

Here’s my favorite cooking magazines.  I found the recipes that I used for Father’s Day in the “Simple and Delicious”.  I love when these come in the mail.

Did three easy sets of hand weights (bi’s, tri’s and delt’s).  While in the weight room, I noticed how incredibly messy it was in there.  Animal hair, dust, you name it!!  I guess that’s what happens when you don’t clean a room.  I cleaned that baby up!!  Poor Mick cause that’s kind of like his “man cave” and it’s been majorly neglected.

BELT DUST!! What the H—?  I felt like such a slob.

Oop.  There’s the confiscated Xbox.

Here’s a picture of me and my friend Chris from high school.  She lives in Colorado but flew in for a visit.  Chris is brave because she belly dances in front of crowds of people.  She’s really good at it.  She’s crafty too so check out her stuff at…

Dragged Mick along.  He’s so good to me. 

My niece and her family were in town so we took our kids and dogs and met up w/them at the pond.  Mick, in the past, has dumped tons of beach sand and treated for weeds so it was a great place to swim.  It needs work this year.  Plus, we need a new dock.  We had a ton of rain so Mick got a really late start w/landscaping so he’s been unable to put the time and $$ into the beach.  Funny that the kids didn’t really seem to care.  Note….I’m a pool swimmer only.

Here’s Baby Cade…  He’s my great-nephew.

Can you say….BONFIRE!  SMORES!  SMORES W/REESES PEANUT BUTTER CUPS!  Woot Woot!  Of course, I can also say gosh darn mosquitos too and how much I hate blood-suckers.  Argh!  Off we go for some chocolately peanut buttery goodness….


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