And I Ran, I Ran So Far Away….

24 Jun

Rise and shine!!!!  Up at 5am and started my run at 5:20am (but woke up at 2, 3, and 4am because I kept thinking I missed my alarm).  During my run, I kept thinking I was being tracked by a cougar and I was going to die at any moment.  It was dark and I was scared but charged forward.  I ran my block twice which is 7.2 miles.  No walking or stopping.  I had to deal with annoying mist/rain for most of the run.  I had my reflectors on my wrists since I was running in the country (I think you’re actually supposed to wear them on your ankles but I’m a leader not a follower).  Oh and I ran in my jammies. 

Wore a new extra long skirt from Express to work.  Looks good w/a tank and flip flops but that’s not work wear so I had to improvise. I feel like I’m getting my bohemian on.

After work, I dropped off our life’s savings and my boys’ premiere soccer paperwork for the 2011-2012 season.  Our kids come first so what can I say?  My father in law gets peeved at our spending so much $ on sports because, back in the days….it was free.  Well, it isn’t free anymore. 

Joy, Joy….thrilled to say that I got my “Seagulls” shirt from today.  Happy days!!!  Fits perfect and I cannot wait to wear it.

Came home and put the boys to work, weeding.  Of course I had to pay them, the greedy little suckers. 


And while they were working away, I was in the house, hiding their XBox 360.  That’s what happens when their grades aren’t up to par.  Not sure when I’ll return it but it’ll be a good month I’m thinking.  They’re so cute in their little “Crocs”.

The boys tracked down their dad to help them w/ a ratty-looking tree that was knocked over by a storm two weeks ago.   The oldest, with only a driver’s permit, asked to use my car to pull it out of the ground.  Scary, the things they think to do…with a car. 

Mick went and played poker.  The kids and I went to the movies.  I saw “Bad Teacher” w/my daughter and the boys saw “Kung Fu Panda 2”.   Ice cream and a frozen banana(?!) followed.

I have a couple high school open houses and I plan to meet up with some high school mates tomorrow (flew in from CO and AZ).  Should be a buzzzy but fun day.  Chow!


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