Hey Batta Batta Batta….

23 Jun

Yes!  Woke up at 5am and off running at 5:15am.  Creepy because it was dark and misty.  I ran slow (8:54 average pace per minute) but I was still happy I ran the whole way which ended up being 8.6 miles.   At one point, I was running behind an old guy.  He didn’t realize it but we were “running buddies”.   Gotta take what I can get.

Due to the mist, I decided to get crafty so I didn’t stress about leaving my phone at home or ruining it in the rain.  I brought a huge one gallon storage bag and put Clif Shot Bloks, my Garmin watch and my cell phone in it.  I looked ridiculous but I felt so much better having all my stuff vs having to run without it.

Wore a cute bracelet to work today.  It’s from H&M.  Love the fact that it was like five or six dollars.  This was another oldie but goodie that I purchased at the Chicago H&M about 3 years ago. 

After work, was able to get 4 foils of highlights put in my hair.  Normally, I get the 3-4 foils every 6-8 weeks when I get my haircuts but I’m trying to grow out my hair a little bit so I’m skipping the haircut.  I can’t go much longer on missing a haircut or my hair’s going to look mullety.

Gas was $3.44 a gallon.

Came home after the highlights and I was sooooo tired.  I was just dragging.  Took a good long nap (2 hrs?!).  Today was a seriously nonproductive day as far as house and yardwork went.

AND, I have to pay my son to walk the dog.  Never thought we’d have a dogwalker on staff.  I thought I’d totally get a housekeeper before a dogwalker….

Ran down to the workout room and did 3 different types of weight lifts at 2 sets a piece.  My arms are so skinny and I’d like them more defined but if I’m not going to put in the time, it’s not going to happen for me.  I know this but I’m still so tired, sooo, better than nothing.  

Went to my husband’s double-header softball games (#22).  “Ehhh batta, batta, batta, SWING”!  They lost.  He gets irritated w/his team but he’s a good sport about.  He’s a pretty good player (not playa). 

Oh and here’s me, NOT watching the game…

I love a good book.  I tend to read mostly nonfiction and memoirs but occasionally, I’ll read me some fiction.  I started w/the “Hunger Games” and then I had to read the 2nd book of the series, “Catching Fire”.   And to finish things up, I had to read the 3rd book, “Mockingjay”.  I like the first two books but I’m not really into the 3rd one.  I just want to finish it so I can move on.  I have a about six books out from the library that I have to read and return and this Mockingjay book is holding me up.  Off to bed…..


2 Responses to “Hey Batta Batta Batta….”

  1. tricia June 24, 2011 at 7:48 pm #

    love that bracelet!

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