My, Your Face Looks Like…. a Monkey?!

22 Jun

With it misting on and off, the temperature was 70 degrees for my run this morning which I started at approximately 8am.  I ran a total of 8.75 miles but I cheated on the last two because I kept resting by walking.  My pace was an average of 8:36 a minute but I think that was because I was conscientiously trying to take smaller strides.  Oh and for my listening enjoyment, I listened to the Marilyn Manson station on Pandora.

Random pictures —

Mick, my poor mate,  hates my monkey face…  So, in turn, I do it as much as I can.  Unfortunately, it’s going to permanently stretch out my face.


Took  Brucee and Roo, my boys, for haircuts.  BEFORE…

 Still irritated but at least the shag is gone.  AFTER…

Promised them fast food so I nabbed a baked potato and chili for myself.  I got a Coke too because I was really craving one.  A girl gets to cheat sometimes, right?

Had to work 4-8pm.  Took the stairs two at a time.  It’s fun, try it.  But, ONLY go up.  Do NOT go down two at a time.  No, I haven’t tried going down but the body just knows it’s not right and bad things will happen (especially in heels). 

Home for the night.  My sweet daughter made dinner.  Chicken fajitas w/rice and refried beans.  Lucky to have her. 

I’m going to watch one episode of Chopped and then I promised myself I’d go to bed.  Shnight…


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