Sugar Free Red Bull — it’s my poison…

20 Jun

Set my alarm for 5am to do my run.  Alarm went off and I reset it for 6:30am (normal wake up time).  Ha, it didn’t work out to run this morning but maybe next time, right?

Not a pretty day here in Michigan today.  Dreary and rainy all day.  Got to wear my new shoes though.  Hard to see in the pic but I still loved wearing them!!

I used to be addicted to drinking Red Bull.  Then, I got addicted to drinking Sugar Free Red Bull.  Now, I just drink it once in awhile.  Got a huge one yesterday because the only size they had…honest..

Enjoyed my SFRB today.  Yummm..

I deserved it though.  I ran 10 miles w/a 8:23 average pace.  I’m hurting because I know I’m doing too much, too soon.  I’ll go less tomorrow.  My run was extremely boring even though I mixed up my route.  There was a 60% chance of rain and I didn’t want to bring my Iphone so no tunes for me.  Good thing I left it behind because it did rain.  Normally I would have snubbed the the run to avoid the rain.  I would have  just ran 40 minutes inside on the treadmill but I’m on fire so I braved the rain.  Yes!! This is big step forward for me. 

I’m just knocking down my invisible barriers.  Before I know it, I could be running a 1/2 marathon in September.  Seriously, a friend asked me to run with her.  I said no initially because I hate, hate timed, organized races.  I get tons of anxiety from them.  Matter of fact, the day I turn in the paperwork, BOOM!, the anxiety’s there and it just intensifies until the race is done.  And I’m talking about just 5k’s as that’s all I’ve ever done in the past. 

Bummed, though.  Even if I did the 1/2 marathon, I wouldn’t be worthy of the 26.2 clothing.  Too bad they don’t have a 13.1 clothing line….


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