Happy Father’s Day!

19 Jun

I had a hard time waking up today but managed to do so and started my run at 7:30am.  I ran 6.7miles and I had a nice pace of 7:55 minutes per mile which is really good for me.  I listened to the Kesha station on Pandora.

Okay, so I get stomach problems when I run.  I was always scared that I’d have problems when running so I didn’t venture too far from home.  I got an Iphone and the app, “IMapMyWalk”.   This app is great and it really tracks a lot of info (pace, map of my run, etc).  I ordered my Garmin 405 watch and while waiting for the watch to come in the mail, I downloaded this free app.  Now, I have the watch, like the watch but I don’t want to run without my phone.  For one, I listen to Pandora (another free app).  Two, I think, knowing that I have my phone and that I can call for help if I need to, I don’t get the stomach problems anymore.  So weird.  I’m very mental so it could be the medicine I needed.  Either way, I run w/two GPS’s going. 

Oh, here’s my progress.  Below, I’m flexed:

This should be a pose on bodybuilding contests. 

Okay, and here I am relaxed:

Very relaxed.

I’m very fortunate.  All my immediate family is close.  We’re having my father-in-law and my parents over for Father’s Day.  Here’s what we had: 


Grilled Orange-Spiced Chicken

Prosciutto-Wrapped Asparagus w/Raspberry Sauce

Sicilian Salad

Apple Pie

Frozen Yogurt and/or

Raspberry Pomegranate Smoothies

Deeelish!  Hope you liked it Dad.

All went well except the Golden lost her legs…

 Hee haw.  Sophee’s fine.  She thinks she’s a people so she’s sitting on the couch.


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