Day of Rest

16 Jun

Today started like most.  Off to work.  Nice that I can go straight to work without have to drop the boys off at their schools.  I dressed super comfortable.  I threw on a lime green J Crew tshirt and an old Gap skirt. Finished off w/some cork wedges and some favorite jewelry.  The husband had already left for the day so it was really quiet in our house at 7am.  Locked the doors and off to my job.  My commute’s only 20 minutes away so I know I’ve got it good. 

Done at noon and headed home.  After work, I came home to a mess.  The boys were outside though which is a rarity.  The downside, as usual, it takes a good half hour to pick up after the boys.  Dishes in the sink, couch torn apart, etc.   Usually, I find them playing with their Ipods or Gameboys or XBox so this was very good to see them using their large motor skills. 

I put on some running clothes and realized that I’ve run everyday for nine days and decided that I didn’t want to hurt myself so I was taking the day off.  Watched a recorded episode of Toddlers and Tiaras.  So funny in a messed up way.

Went to Lowe’s to look for kitchen ideas.  Having an interior designer come over tomorrow and I need to have ideas first.  As you can see, my kitchen is less than desirable.  I want something more open.  I have very limited space.  Hopefully the ID has some good ideas for me tomorrow. 

Messy (should  have cleaned up before taking pictures).  Our house was built in 1993 so it’s very sad.

Received my Garmin 405 GPS watch yesterday and worked on setting up while waiting in the parking lot at my youngest son’s soccer training.  When I got home, I wanted to see how the watch worked so I ran down the driveway and back.  Swallowed a bug.  Neat watch.  Can’t wait to get more comfortable with it tomorrow morning.


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